Fur Trim Throw

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130 x 180 cm
51 x 71 in
888 €
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Fur Trim Throw is made of 100% baby alpaca wool, trimmed with natural alpaca fur. The fur has been selected carefully to be the longest and silkiest of alpaca furs. We use Yaku furs for this throw - the fur resembles water and Yaku means water in quechua language. It holds a cushion of soft air inside the fur, making it feel like a gentle breeze is blowing inside it. These Throws can be used as fashion accessories or interior design accessories.

Product details


100% baby alpaca 

fur trim - natural alpaca fur


  1000 g


black carton box 


Baby alpaca bears no lanolin, making the product allergy-free. Only about 10% of the alpaca fur available can be used for this product because only the best quality is suitable for this Fur Trim Throw.

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