Baby Alpaca Shawls

Baby Alpaca Shawls are made of sumptuous and rich baby alpaca wool. Alpacas live mainly in the Andean highlands in Peru where the harsh weather conditions have contributed to the forming of their gorgeous fleece. The shawls are genuinely soft and hypoallergenic and can easily be worn next to skin without irritating it. The shawls are available in an assortment of colours, both muted and bright. Baby Alpaca Shawls are a classy addition to any outfit and essential during the colder months.

Baby Alpaca Shawls are made of baby alpaca wool that is insulating the warmth in a most efficient way, just like it is keeping the alpacas warm in the South American Andean Mountains in Peru. 


Baby Alpaca Fibre Guide

Baby alpaca woolis an exclusive material where natural warmth is combined with beauty and glamour. Baby alpaca quality does not refer to fibre from baby animals but to fibre from the first shearing of the adult alpaca at the age of 1-2 years when the fibre is at its finest and highest quality. All the unique qualities of baby alpaca wool, its softness, smoothness, silkiness, curliness and ability to repel dirt, make it one of the most desirable natural fibres in the world.


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Baby Alpaca Shawls Exclusive


Baby alpaca wool with unicolour design

Baby Alpaca Shawls Fishbone


Baby alpaca wool with fishbone design

Baby Alpaca Shawl Chic Silk


Baby alpaca wool blended with natural silk

Baby Alpaca Shawls Elegance

shawl baby alpaca elegance

Baby alpaca shawl cable knit

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