Baby Alpaca Scarves

Baby Alpaca Scarves are made of silky and exceptionally soft baby alpaca from the Peruvian Andes. Alpacas have fleece of the highest quality as the exceptionally tough climate makes it grow uniquely well. These scarves are not prickly around the neck, they absorb heat but let the skin breathe. The unicolour scarves come in both basic and accent tones and the ones with fishbone design feature a stylish combination of on-trend colours, with new additions each season. 

Baby Alpaca Scarves combine the treasured fibre from the Andes mountains and traditional craftsmanship with Nordic design. Drape yourself in one of these captivating Baby Alpaca Scarves on chillier days for a warm and stylish look!

Baby Alpaca

Baby alpaca is an exclusive material for products where warmth and cosiness are coupled with an elegant look. It has superior insulation and breathability qualities that makes it perfect for colder seasons. Moreover, it does not contain lanolin, making it hold less dust and other allergens, perfect for people with sensitive skin. Baby alpaca quality does not refer to fibre from baby animals but to fibre from the first shearing of the adult alpaca at the age of 1-2 years when the fibre is at its finest and highest quality. Processing of alpaca fibre is long and complicated due to the fine, soft and slippery texture of the fibre and certain stages need to be carried out manually. That makes products of alpaca luxurious and unique. Baby alpaca also has minimal pilling as the fibres are so smooth, so our scarves will keep their beautiful appearance for a long time. 


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