Baby Alpaca Blankets

Baby Alpaca Blankets are made of soft and naturally silky baby alpaca from the Peruvian high mountains. Domesticated thousands of years ago, the rare and luxurious alpaca fibre was already appreciated by the Inca culture. These classy multi-purpose blankets come in a variety of shades and textures, with new additions each season. Baby Alpaca Blankets make an exquisite fashion as well as room accessory!

Baby Alpaca Blankets have great warming properties. They are excellent in keeping warmth around You, durable but soft and extremely silky to the touch. ALPAKA is for customers who value timeless design, top quality and the greatest comfort. Our collection includes both knitted and woven blankets in different sizes. Experience the warmest of emotions with these Baby Alpaca Blankets!


Baby Alpaca Fibre

Baby alpaca has qualities that make it a highly sought-after material. It is increasingly popular among high-end designers as it is superbly soft, silky, warm and at the same time lightweight. It also does not contain any lanolin and is naturally dirt repellent which makes it a hypoallergenic choice with many benefits. Therefore making it perfect for people with particularly sensitive skin. Baby alpaca quality does not refer to fibre from baby animals but to fibre from the first shearing of the adult alpaca at the age of 1-2 years when the fibre is at its finest and highest quality. 


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