Alpaca Teddy Bears

Alpaca Teddy Bears are made of soft and gentle natural alpaca fur. These teddies have a lovable look and a delightful feel and they are available in several colours and fur types. Alpaca Teddy Bears have an ultimate cute factor that is appreciated by both children and grown-ups.

Alpaca Teddy Bears are made of the best quality alpaca fur to ensure a silky and delicate finish. The fur is processed in the traditional way so that you can feel the difference in the richness and soul of these teddies with every touch. Each of them is handmade to the highest quality standards and no two teddies are identical. Alpaca Teddy Bears will bring the warmest of hugs to everybody!


Alpaca Fur Key Points

Alpaca fur has very soft and lustruous fibres that makes it ideal for luxurious high-quality products. It comes in various natural shades, therefore no two alpaca fur items are the same. Alpaca fur contains no lanolin and is naturally hypoallergenic, therefore it is excellent for people with sensitive skin. No animals are killed because of the fur, all alpacas have died of natural causes due to the harsh climate conditions and extreme temperature fluctuations in the mountains, reaching up to more than 40 degrees celsius in just one day. 


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