Alpaca Rugs

Alpaca Rugs are made of truly soft and gentle first-rate alpaca fur from the highest of heights in Peruvian Andes. The rugs come in an array of colours, both natural and dyed that reflect light in a beautiful way. They have a special softening layer of mattress between the alpaca fur and anti-slip backing. We also offer custom made rugs to your measurements and special design requests. Alpaca Rugs are a ravishing decoration element for any home or other interior space.

ALPAKA is the leading manufacturer of Alpaca Rugs in the world. Our rugs are produced through a careful selection of raw materials in person and under strict supervision to ensure highest quality and maximum customer satisfaction. We invest time and effort in processing alpaca fur in the traditional way so that you can feel the difference in the luxury and richness of our products with every touch. Our authentic Alpaca Rugs will surely bring lots of comfort and pleasure to your everyday life.


Alpaca Fur

Alpaca fur has naturally soft and silky fibres that makes it a perfect material to use in creating exquisite high-quality products for home decor. This superior fibre is the outcome of extraordinarily rough climate conditions in the inhabitance of alpacas in the Andes mountains in Peru. The fur does not contain any lanolin, ensuring all our alpaca rugs are allergy-free. Alpaca rugs are easy to take care of and highly durable - even after years of use they do not lose their appearance.



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