Alpaca Plaids

Alpaca Plaids are made of superbly warm and durable alpaca wool. These oversized plaids from our collection will keep you warm and cosy during the colder seasons of the year and give you luxury and comfort in those special moments you take just for yourself. Our multifunctional plaids come in an array of colours, spanning from basic to fashion tones. Wrap yourself in a little luxury with our Alpaca Plaid!

Alpaca Plaids are made keeping in mind the highest quality standards to fulfill our customers' needs. These original and fine articles give the warmest care for your body and soul. Alpaca plaids come in a large size and can be used as a blanket on a bed or sofa or outdoors.  


Alpaca Wool

Alpaca is a rare and luxurious fibre with unique qualities. Thanks to its semi-hollow structure and short surface scales, alpaca fibre is extremely smooth and silky to touch, traps warmth very efficiently but is at the same time lightweight. Alpaca fibre is also remarkably durable, does not pill easily and keeps its beautiful appearance for many years. It does not contain lanolin and is naturally dirt repellent and non-prickly, making it an hypollergenic choice with many benefits. You will always feel warm and safe when wrapped in alpaca wool.

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Alpaca Plaid Classic Unicolour


Alpaca wool with unicolour design

Alpaca Plaid Classic Scottish


Alpaca wool with Scottish tartan design

Alpaca Plaid Traditional


Alpaca wool with fishbone design

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