Alpaca Cushion Covers

Alpaca Cushions are made of soft and majestic natural alpaca fur. The cushions are available with fur covering one or both sides. We use 100% baby alpaca wool backing for all our one-sided fur cushions that makes them truly exquisite items. The cushions come in both basic and bold colours. Alpaca Cushions make a chic and comfy interior piece for any home.

ALPAKA is the number one producer of Alpaca Cushions in the world. Each item is produced from the meticulously selected, best quality raw material. Our Alpaca Cushions are pleasant to touch and give any scene an ideal accent.


Alpaca Fur Facts

Alpaca fur is a very soft and silky material that is known for its unique qualities for centuries. It does not contain lanolin that makes the products hypoallergenic. Slight variations and differences in the colours and shades of the Alpaca Cushions are part of the unique natural style.


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Alpaca Fur Cushions Yaku


Long and silky alpaca fur

Alpaca Fur Cushions Inti


Lush and rich alpaca fur

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