Alpaca Carpets

Alpaca Carpets are made of cloud-soft and luxurious natural alpaca fur. These beautiful carpets are the cornerstone of ALPAKA brand and products. A special anti-slip backing and genuine leather bordering is used in all our fur carpets to make them more solid and durable. We deliver also to your custom design needs and special size requests, so please enquire further. Alpaca Carpets make a great decor piece, bringing natural warmth and softness to your room and daily life!

Our Alpaca Carpets come in three different fur types: Yaku, Inti and Sami, each with different features. Fur collections are named after old quechua language words describing the fiber characteristics. All our Alpaca Carpets are made with care and with highest quality, the carpets are available both in natural and dyed colours.

Alpaca Fur

Alpaca fur is an exclusive material with unique qualities that were already appreciated by the Pre-Incan and Incan cultures. Today alpacas are raised by the indigenous peoples of the Andes mountains who follow age-old traditions and craft methods to process the fibre. The fibre is extremely soft, silky and warm, and will last for a very long time if looked after properly. The fur does not contain any lanolin, making all our carpets allergy-free. Each item comes with unique appearance, both in colour variations and physical qualities of the natural alpaca fur.


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