Alpaca Blankets

Alpaca Blankets are made of warm and lustrous alpaca wool from the Andean highlands in Peru. Alpacas are rare creatures that have wool of the highest quality. These elegant blankets trap warmth very efficiently but let the skin breathe. They come in a palette of earthy and vivid colours. Keep warm during the colder climes with these classy Alpaca Blankets!

Alpaca Blankets are meant for customers who appreciate the fine characteristics of the best natural fiber in the world - alpaca. They make an excellent decor item, adding natural warmth and softness to every day.


Alpaca Wool Key Points

Exceptionally warm and soft, alpaca wool is one of the most coveted fibres in the world. Alpacas live in the altitude of 3 500 - 5 000m, where the daily temperatures fluctuate up to 40°C. This demands them to endure conditions that in turn gives their fibre unparalleled properties. Alpaca fibre is also remarkably durable, does not pill easily and keeps its beautiful appearance for many years. It does not contain lanolin and is naturally dirt repellent and non-prickly, making it an hypollergenic choice with many benefits.


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Alpaca Blankets Classic


Alpaca wool with unicolour design

Alpaca Blankets Scottish


Alpaca wool with Scottish tartan

Alpaca Blankets Traditional


Alpaca wool with fishbone design

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